Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
185 Support and capacity building in GIS and electrification planning for the Mauritanian Ministry of Energy Software application Mauritania . 2005
184 Improvement of socio-economics impact of rural electrification through an integrated multisectoral planning approach (IMPROVES-RE) Studies Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Niger 2007-2009
183 Assistance to the Ministry of Education for the implementation of the “PV and ICT packages” programme for the education sector Technical assistance Uganda . 2005
182 Regional Strategic plan for wind energy development Consultancy France . 2005
181 Feasibility study and capacity building for wind energy development in Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam Capacity building Philippines. Vietnam. Cambodia 2005-2006
180 Design of the Emergency Rural Electrification Programme of the Senegal River Basin Studies Mali . Senegal 2004
179 Update of the Power Demand Forecast Study in Nouakchott Studies Mauritania . 2004
178 Preparation of Institutional Assistance to the Power Department of Mauritania Studies Mauritania . 2004
177 Prediagnosis for a development of Small Hydroelectric Power Stations (SHPP) Studies France . 2004
176 Feasibility Study for a hydro power plant Studies France . 2004
175 Feasibility study for a micro hydropower plant Studies France . 2004
174 Off-Grid Rural Electrification Master Plan Study and Implementation Support Studies Ethiopia . 2005-2006
173 Technical Assistance to the Burkina Faso component of the Regional Solar Programme – RSP II Technical assistance Burkina Faso . 2003-2009
172 Development and supply of Decentralized Energy Management Tools to PV and mini grid operators in Cambodia and Laos (DEMT) Software application Cambodia. Laos. 2005-2006
171 Development of a procedure manual for rural electrification licences and preliminary permits allocation Consultancy Mali . 2004
170 Establishment of an Energy Efficiency Fund in Jamaica Consultancy Jamaica . 2004
169 Support to the development of renewables in the Asean Region (Biomass for RE, PV standards, regulatory framework) Software application ASIA . 2004-2005
168 Feasibility study for a mini hydro projects in the Philippines and financial engineering in Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia (IFRERA) Studies Philippines . Indonesia. Vietnam. 2004
167 Comparative study on cross border transmission capacity assessment methods Studies NORTH AMERICA . EUROPE 2004
166 Feasibility study for power supply with photovoltaic system Studies France . 2004