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Energy audit of a remand center - PRIVAS

Country : France .
Client : GIRUS
Start Date : October 2011
Completion Date : November 2011
Value of services : 4 900 €
Funder : French State (Ministry of Justice) - Direction Immobilière des services pénitentiers de Lyon
Associate/Partner : GIRUS
Description :
The French state wished to set up a policy of reducing its emissions of greenhouse gases and to set up a strategic plan for public buildings. The objectives are to reduce 20% of its consumption, to use 20% of renewable energy and to reduce 40% of GHG emissions to 2020. The state requires each of its representatives (Department of Justice, Property department of Prison services) to prepare strategic plans to achieve the National goals. The process is in two phases: 1) energy efficiency assessment of the state's buildings , data consolidation by the state's regional representatives 2) Development and implementation of a strategic plan

GIRUS and IED are hired to carried out the initial technical audit:
* the conservation status of buildings and major works: structures, electrical installations, Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning facilities.
* Assessment of their regulatory status (Fire detection and protection, electrical distribution, gas installations, lifts, risks related to the presence of asbestos and radon, timber preservation and protection against insects)
* Assessment of maintenance plan in progress
Following this audit, a multiyear action plan (2020) is established by combining the different approaches: securing, maintenance, durability of structures and works and improving performance energy. The urgency of actions, the investment costs, energy consumption reduction and environmental gains are assessed.
Description of the Actual Services Provided * Technical audits of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipments: Operating status, condition, their regulatory status.
* Energy analysis (heating, lighting, hot water, office etc. ..). Assessment of the energy and environmental quality of buildings using the rules of the regulation on Energy Performance Certificate in public buildings.
* Formulation of measures to reduce energy consumption (target 20% in 2020) and emissions of greenhouse gases (target 40% in 2020). The proposed measures are then included in a comprehensive rehabilitation program of buildings and boilers.